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Software for GPS Mobile Phones

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Speed Conscience Standard

Speed Conscience Standard

Many people speed unintentionally, either due to not knowing the speed limit for the road they are driving on or their mind wanders or they become distracted. The Speed Conscience is software that will inform drivers of the speed limit of the road they are travelling along together with their current speed.

One of the main objectives of The Speed Conscience is to raise your awareness of the speed limit and your speed in a way that is sufficiently intrusive to make you aware, but not such that you will be irritated and annoyed and swith it off.

***Currently only available on:***

  • Microsoft Windows Mobile

 What the Speed Conscience Can Do For You?

  • Tells you what the speed limit is
  • Tells you what your speed is
  • Traffic light system warns when you’re speeding
  • You set the speed warning limit
  • Can be configured for different vehicle types
  • -  Cars, Buses/Coaches, HGV’s
  • Speed displayed in MPH or KPH
  • Runs on a GPS enabled mobile phone
  • Watch the road—not your speedo!

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How Does it Work?

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