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Abusive businessman fined for foul mouthed tirade after he was pulled over for speeding during class project

29 January 2014

  • Andrew Priest, 39, did a wheelspin into the primary school car park;
  • He shouted and swore at PCSOs and staff in front of the distressed pupils;
  • Priest, who drives a luxury sports car, boasted he could easily afford ticket

A businessman was fined £1,000 today for unleashing a foul-mouthed tirade in front of a class of children after he was stopped for speeding.

Andrew Priest, 39, ranted at community police officers and staff after pupils noticed his luxury sports car breaking the 30mph speed limit outside their school gates in Cheshire.

Mr Priest said he was late for a meeting - angrily did a wheelspin into the school car park in his Audi A3.

He told a Police Community Support Officer: 'You're PCSOs and not even proper pigs. Go and stop some more innocent people.'

As 10 and 11-year-olds looked on in distress from just three feet away, Priest argued about the accuracy of the speed gun and gesticulated at a classroom assistant yelling: 'Is this what you f***ing teach kids? What sort of school is this?'

Later, when told by a regular constable he would have to pay a £60 fixed penalty notice for doing 37mph in a 30mph zone, Priest boasted: 'I earn £80,000 a year so I can afford the ticket. My f***ing solicitor will get me off. I'm going to f***ing have you. You're f***ed, I'm going to make a complaint against you.'

A letter was later sent out to all parents detailing what happened.

Details of the Priest's rant emerged as the businessman, who lives in a flat in Mobberley, Cheshire, was fined £1,000 and ordered to pay £1,000 costs after he was convicted of speeding and using threatening behaviour.

The incident occurred in July last year, when nine Year 6 pupils were taking part in a 'school speed watch' project with the police officers as part of Road Safety Week.

Any motorists stopped for speeding were given the option of taking a fine or explaining to children in a 'kids' court' at the school why they broke the speed limit.

The trouble began when Priest was pulled over in his silver Audi A3 magistrates in Macclesfield heard.

Teaching assistant Debra Barker told the hearing: 'He was very, very angry from the minute he was pulled over. He was aggressive and was using lots of "f-words".

'I told the children the man had obviously had a bad day but they were worried and I kept trying to to reassure them. He said, "is this what you f***ing teach kids? What sort of school is this?"... I felt very vulnerable and I felt awkward.

'He screeched into the car park. He drove his car forward, his wheels were spinning and he drove aggressively into the car park.

'He got out and walked up to the PCSO and squared up to him. I thought it was going to come to fisticuffs and he was going to punch him.'

PCSO Gareth Harding said: 'He was instantly argumentative and wouldn't let me show him the speed - instead saying the machine wasn't calibrated.

'He started gesturing towards the pupils. I warned him about his language and behaviour but he jumped out of the car came straight towards me and started swearing and shouting.

'The teacher clearly looked very concerned for the children, a lot of them were starting to get quite agitated, looking like they didn't want to be there at all. A few of them were quite distressed.'

PCSO Rebecca Wooley said: 'I explained that a speed gun had detected the speed he was going but he said he was not speeding and his speedometer had not shown him as speeding.

'He was angry and very irritated - his voice was raised and his demeanour came across as agitated.

'He made reference to the teacher and pointed and said, "you want to teach your kids properly".

The children were becoming more distressed, they weren't used to that sort of behaviour, so I advised the teaching assistant to take them back into the school.

'Mr Priest stopped his car, got out then came quite close to my personal space. He became irritated and said something of the effect of: 'This is b*****ks, I wasn't speeding.'

'I asked Mr Priest to not swear, there were still children and staff members who could potentially hear what he was saying. But he said: "You're police community officers, you're not even proper pigs. Go and stop some more innocent people."

'He made reference about being late for an appointment. He returned with a mobile phone from his car and said he was going to record the conversation. He wanted to take the issue to court and I said that was his entitlement.

'I saw Mr Priest in the constable's personal space and he appeared to be waving his arms, very close to his face. He wouldn't let him speak and was shouting over him.

'He told him he earned £80,000 a year so he can afford the ticket and he was moving to Qatar for two or three months, so it didn't matter if he got any points.'

Priest who was cleared of stamping on a policeman's hat during the incident denied wrongdoing and said: 'I've never heard of a kids' court - it sounds ridiculous. I'm not being ostracised by children.'

But district judge Pam Baldwin told him: 'Your shouting and aggressive behaviour caused the children distress. I've no doubt these incidents are frustrating but you went beyond a legitimate expression of frustration.'


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