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UK Government approves Siemens' SafeZone system

28 May 2012

The UK’s Home Office has given deployment approval to Siemens’ SafeZone average speed enforcement system.

SafeZone is a modular system, which combines proven ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) technology with advanced data processing and back-office systems.

Its advanced features and multiple deployment options, combined with a compact and unobtrusive design that minimizes visual impact on the street, make it an ideal road safety system for enforcing speed limits in residential, city and rural environments.

The system uses Siemens’ Sicore cameras, which can monitor two lanes of traffic in both directions, dramatically reducing the cost of deployment and system complexity.

Minimal infrastructure, wireless communications and compact cameras means that a SafeZone system can be continually re-deployed into other areas.

The system uses three layers of encryption to ensure that the evidential data that is transferred to the remote ‘instation’ is completely secure.

The distance between each camera outstation has been approved to a minimum of just 75m (246ft), which means that average speed can be deployed as an effective alternative to existing analogue fixed speed camera sites and for larger deployment in networks and urban zones.

The company is assisting local authorities introduce the SafeZone system by offering innovative and competitive finance through its banking operation, Siemens Financial Services (SFS).

The schemes include customized lease or rental arrangements, which can help with providing equipment prior to budgets being made available, or by stretching available funds.

The aim is to construct an individual, and ideally self-financing, solution based upon locally retained residual funds arising from Driver Awareness course participation.


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