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New average speed cameras for London?

13 August 2010

TRANSPORT FOR LONDON (TfL) has published a tender for the provision of average speed cameras the organisation wishes to trial as part of a project to "enforce average speed limits in urban areas".The notice, published in the Official Journal of the European Union, is asking interested parties to apply for a pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ). Sources say there are no concrete plans in place yet. "We are just looking to see who will apply at the moment," a spokesperson for TfL told GC News.

An announcement is likely at the end of October, with plans to involve four other London Boroughs in the project. Reports say, the two year contract could be extended if the trial proves successful, which would lead to "a requirement for further systems across London".

"We believe that speed cameras reduce the number of accidents on roads and save us money. For instance, cameras can be used as an alternative to road humps," the spokesperson added.

The speed camera notice was published at a time when counties around the UK are ousting their camera initiatives due to road safty funding cuts. The latest from TfL comes just three days after the organisation cancelled a tender for road traffic predictive modelling software due to a reduced budget.

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