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New Government No Longer Funding Speed Cameras

19 June 2010

The spate of announcements that the Government will no longer be investing in new speed cameras, the Road Safety Minister has made a series of negative comments concerning this much-resented technology.

The minister said that the Government would “strongly encourage” local authorities to use “other methods and effective safety measures” other than speed cameras. In addition, he acknowledged the notion that many motorists may view speed cameras as nothing more than a “cash cow”. Is this an attempt at garnering trust in the wake of so many depressing expenses scandals?

However, road-safety charity Brake have challenged the Minister’s stance. Says Julie Townsend, their deputy chief-executive: “It is shocking to hear the new minister making such dismissive comments about speed cameras, which research proves are highly effective in preventing deaths and injuries. Every year Brake is contacted by scores of communities crying out for measures like speed cameras to protect local people and enable them to use roads without fear of speeding traffic.”

She added: “We are urging the new Government to progress the latest technology in speed enforcement – for example, we want to see a speed limit map created for the UK, so ‘Intelligent Speed Adaption’ can start to be introduced in vehicles. But in the meantime it’s vital that the Government continues to invest in proven technology like speed cameras, alongside other crucial road safety measures like traffic policing and education. These measures not only help to prevent the unspeakable trauma of a sudden bereavement or serious injury, they also make good economic sense, helping to stem the huge cost to the economy of road death and injury.”

Brake are currently in the midst of a Slow Down Now campaign, urging motorists to keep to a speed of 20mph when around schools and shops.


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