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About Us

Enablecom have been trading since 2002 offering consultancy services in the areas of enterprise business systems implementations and the project management of those business systems implementations.

Since 2005, Enablecom began to focus on the areas of GPS and GPS related software applications operating on mobile devices such as mobile phones and PDA’s and more specifically, in the area of Intelligent Speed Adaptation.

Enablecom are digitally mapping the UK’s road network with respect to speed limits.

Our mission statement is:

“to be the provider of choice for digital speed map data for the UK road network”

Enablecoms' focus is to provide Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA) solutions.

We produce a number of Passive (or Assistive) ISA products.  Our flagship consumer product "The Speed Conscience", provides the driver with information displayed on their GPS enabled phone or device informing drivers' of the speed limit of the road they are travelling on together with their current speed.  This is designed to raise drivers awareness of the speed they are travelling at with respect to the speed limit of the road they are on.  This raising of their awareness of the speed limit together with their speed will contribute in helping to improve road safety.

We are actively engaged with partner organisations with the aim of offering a range of Active ISA solutions in the very near future.

On the commercial front, the data we have gathered from digitally mapping the UK road network is available to other commercial and non-commercial organisations that are able to incorporate the data into their products or conduct safety related research into speed and speed awareness.

We look forward to earning your trust and business.

Gary Martin
Enablecom LLP

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